CarolAnne’s Story – the Joy in My Heart

“The excitement on my face expresses the joy in my heart at being reunited with my half brother, Tommy. It was like looking into a mirror! We both spent a lifetime separately as “only children” and now we had two glorious days of bonding with him and my six children, their spouses, and eighteen grandchildren! […]

Gisela and Katherine

Gisela and Katherine – After 30 Years of Searching…

“After 30 years of searching, my birthmother found me when I needed her most. My adoptive mother had just passed and disowned me. Just when I thought all of my family had turned their backs on me, my real mother found me and she brought a large family with her. To find out that there […]

Kathy and Claire

Kathy and Claire – I had waited 38 years to see her again

“The first picture (top) was taken on the first day that Claire and I met which was 2/2/08. It was 17 days after we first talked to each other on the phone and 24 days from the day I knew she was ok and alive! I had waited 38 years to see her again and […]

Kirk’s Story

Kirk’s Story – What’s Yours?

“This photo was taken during my first visit with my sister Jennifer. I grew up as an only child and never felt like I looked like either of my parents. Being with Jennifer was the first time I’ve ever been in the presence of someone I have a biological connection with… It was amazing!”

Hope & Bryan

Hope’s Reunion with Bryan

There is such a plethora of emotions that I have experienced over the past few months, I truly am not the same person, but better. I feel connected. To discover I do have half siblings after all these years of wondering is amazing and has left us all grateful for finding each other now. My […]

Grandpa Larry and Mike

Mike and His Search Story

Hello, my name is Mike and I am an adoptee. If you found this website you’re in the right place. I searched from the age of 21 (legal search age of the time) till I was 33 years old, with all the wrong people, that is, dishonest and incompetent people that preyed on people like […]

Hope and Jerrald

Hope and Jerrald – Story about our life

«It has been a year now since Jerrald and I found each other. We both used the Reunion Registry since we were both given for adoption when we were born. We talked at first and then met in person. We discovered our paths have not been too far off over the years. I am thrilled […]

Carolyn Allen

Carolyn Allen – Story about my life

«In 1966 I was married to Walter (we had been married since 1963). He was in the Army and was stationed away. He asked for a divorce because he had met a girl he wanted to marry. I agreed. I met Ralph and got pregnant. When Walter heard I was pregnant he came home and […]