I want to request information from my adoption record

  • I want to request non-identifying information
    • This is a summary of the information from your adoption file potentially including a medical history, social history of your birth parent(s) (birth family composition, physical descriptions, characteristics, occupations, etc), information about your birth, and any information about your foster care if relevant. Also, your birth name if you were named at birth (first and middle only).
    • This will NOT give you any identifying information about who your birth family members are.
    • You must be at least 18 years of age to make this request on your own.
    • Please read and submit the Client’s Rights form along with your request for any services.
    • There is a $35 fee for this service. If this is something you cannot afford, we do provide free services based on financial need. Please fill out the Request for Financial Assistance form and submit it along with your request.
Please read and submit the Client's Rights and Intake forms along with your request for any services.