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Hope and Jerrald – Story about our life

It has been a year now since Jerrald and I found each other. We both used the Reunion Registry since we were both given for adoption when we were born.

We talked at first and then met in person. We discovered our paths have not been too far off over the years. I am thrilled he only lives 2 hours away. When I see Jerrald, I am overcome with joy and I just run to him and embrace him. When he gives me that big bear hug, lifts me off the ground, and plants that kiss on my cheek, I feel like a giddy little sister. And especially since we had to work our way in to getting to know each other, I cherish our relationship all the more.

We share a lot in common because of our circumstances of being adopted and being raised by adoptive parents. It is different and I did not know it was different until I met my birth family. I guess that is why we embrace each other the way we do . . . we both had always hoped there was someone out there we were related to and we finally found each other. It is a gift every time I see him. I love that we are able to share that together and I love him. Truly blessed and I thank you!»

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