Frequently Asked Questions

We also provide free, in-depth consultations and we facilitate a monthly adoption reunion support group at Families First in Midtown Atlanta. Consultations can be in person or over the phone; please call our office to schedule an appointment. The monthly support group is open to anyone, age 18 or older, involved in or affected by adoption reunion.

If you are unable to afford any or all of our fees, we can provide free services to you. Please fill out the Request for Financial Assistance form and briefly explain why you have a financial need for free services in order for us to waive the fee associated with your service request(s).

No. We can only issue a refund if you have requested non-identifying information or a search and no file could be found.

Searches typically take 1-6 months to complete. There is a non-refundable $300 search fee per family member to be searched for. You may submit a check or money order made payable to Families First along with your service request form(s) or you may pay with your Visa or MasterCard over the phone once your request forms have been received.

Because we have direct access to sealed adoption records, our success rate in locating people is 90-95%. Of those that are found, approximately the same percentage of people agrees to some form of contact.

A change in the law in Georgia in 1990 set up the program of the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry. Because this is a state mandated program, we have direct access to sealed adoption records.

The registry is a database maintained by the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry for the purpose of registering your choice to have contact or not have contact with your birth family member. Registration is a free service provided to birth parents, adopted persons, and siblings. Once you have registered for contact, if your birth family member is already registered or registers in the future, we will contact you.

Birth parents, adopted persons age 18 and older, and siblings age 18 and older can register with the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

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