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How does the search process work?

If you are an adopted person or the child of a deceased adopted person requesting a search, you must first request non-identifying information before a search can begin. Once we receive all of the necessary paperwork to begin a search, we submit your request to the state to locate the adoption file linked to the person you are searching for.

Once we have that file, we will use the identifying information from the file to locate the current contact information of the person you are searching for. The Adoption Reunion Specialist working on your case will attempt to get in touch with that person by phone or via regular mail.

Once the person’s identity has been verified, the Adoption Reunion Specialist will explain the purpose of the call and read the letter you wrote to him/her. The Adoption Reunion Specialist will explain the options for contact with you – direct, intermediary, or no contact – with the understanding that he/she can take however much time he/she needs to make his/her decision. The Adoption Reunion Specialist will then try to ask for any information he/she would be willing to share with you based on the list of questions you submitted to us on your search request form.

You will be contacted as soon as the phone call is completed and we will share the information that was provided with you.

Need Assistance?

We offer a free, zero-obligation consultation to assist you both during and after your adoption reunion search. Please fill out the form and we will schedule a time for your free consultation.

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