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Deborah’s Story – After 52 Years of not Knowing that I Had Any Family…

“This picture was taken the week that we all first met each other. May 2009. After 52 years of not knowing that I had any family, to find out that my mother had 18 children was an eyeopener for me. Of those 18 on 11 are still alive. I have met all of them except 3.

I have talked with all of them except 2. I was too late to meet my parents, both of them had passed away before I found anyone. But Louise, my oldest sister has told me a lot of stories about both parents and all of us siblings while we were growing up and even after Shirley, Earl, Leroy, Gerry and myself were sold on the black market and given to out adoptive parents. Before I found the first of my siblings who was Kay, it was like a big hole in my heart.

My adoptive parents and brothers were all passed away, so I didn’t feel like there was anyone on my side of the family left. It started me wanting to know more about myself. I am so glad that I went thru the adoption agency to find my family. Without their help, and God’s, none of this would have been possible. I was so glad on the day and we all felt the closeness to each other. We had so much in common with all of our likes and dislikes, it was scary. I will never forget this week we spent together getting to know each other.”

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