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    Do you find
    yourself wondering
    "who do I look like"?

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    Have you ever thought about searching for birth family?

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    If you were adopted in Georgia you've come to the right site!

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    If you are a birth parent and made a plan of adoption for your child in Georgia you've come to the right site!

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    We have a very high success rate of finding people.


Our mission is to help adopted persons gain knowledge about their birth histories and to give birth families the opportunity to connect with their relatives separated by a Georgia adoption.

Reunion Success Stories

Reunion Stories

We are posting photos and reunion stories of birth family members we have reunited through our efforts at the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry. Please contact us if you would like to contribute your own stories!

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The Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry was created on July 1, 1990 to offer services to birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and siblings who are affected by adoptions finalized in Georgia. In 2003, the law in Georgia was changed to allow birth parents the opportunity to search for the child(ren) he/she has placed for adoption. The complete content of the law can be found in the official code of Georgia, Annotated, as Amended (19-8-23f).

The Registry is a non-profit program run by Families First and contracted by the state of Georgia's Department of Human Services.